Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recent Purchases

So, I finally invested in running shoes! Haha, I think if I ran in converses anymore my feet would be messed up later in life.

Honestly, these are super super lightweight. Seriously, when I think of running shoes, I figured they would not a tad bit heavier because of the extra support. Well no these are amazing! Plus I love the color combo! I mean is it bad if I buy the shoes because they're pretty? I think not.

Price: $90 I could not stop laughing when I tried on these shoes. I mostly wear flats and heels to school or work so I'm skeptical about buy tennis shoes. I could not stop laughing about how wide my feet were. Thankfully the sales associate at Nordstrom was understanding and knew where I was coming from. Haha. Love it.

I've been loving sports bra every since I've been hitting the gym.

I got these at forever 21 and get this they're 3.80! Seriously shut up! What a deal right? They come all sorts of colors, I picked up a lemon yellow & neon pink one just because I adore bright colors.

They come in many varieties like Y-backs, extra support, and what not. Just throw a tee shirt over these bra's and you're good to go. And if you have a rockin' body just wear these alone.

I have really sensitive skin after getting a second degree burn from Mexico two years ago. I was naive because I knew it was hot and the skies were gray. Since I figured there was no sun, that means no need for sunblock. Boy, was I wrong.

Sunblock is part of my daily routine, I'm not that person that applies it once and I think I'm good for the rest of the day. I'm that girl that reapplies four to five times depending on how much sun exposure I get.
And after getting countless mini sunburns, my face grew immune to aloe vera. And my friend who has eczema had recommended me a brand sold at Sephora and online called Juice Beauty. And a person who has eczema can never steer you wrong in beauty products.

I am in love with Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer. It really does work wonders for my skin. If I'm paranoid or feel that I might be burn I just smooth this over my skin. And it's instantly hydrated, and no burn :)!

It is a bit on the thicker side, but it does absorb rather quickly. It is on the pricier side I believe about $40. I love that everything being put into this moisturizer is organic. There is a slight smell to it. I believe it either smells like carrot juice or something similar.

Last but not least Essie nail polish in lilacism. I love the color lavender. I saw this at target for about $8 and I knew I had to have it.

You need about 2 coats to get the true color. This color reminds of M&M's they have during spring. Right around Easter they make M&M's in pretty spring colors.

This is the first bottle I've picked up from Essie, I'm a die hard OPI junkie. Now, I have reasons to love both!
That is how I would describe this color. Plus I've been on a purple phase.

Look how delicious this color looks against my purple tracksuit. Honestly the color in the bottle does this color no justice. I overlooked this, the last time at Target because I was thinking the shade isn't that pretty. But it grows on you. So I really like this color.

So much for being on a shopping ban. Haha.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's been one hell of a week

OMG! I thought this week would never end. Summer school is coming to an end. It's bittersweet. I like how much shorter the session is, but it moves at a faster pace. And I definitely think I get better grades during summer school than the actual school year. I mean is that even possible?

So I got some fairly good and bad new these past 2 days. Good news? I can officially graduate college this fall!!!! How exciting! The only downfall is I would have to pack on some serious units to get my damn degree. I mean I could graduate in the spring, and have an easier workload. We will see I need to start applying for internships in my field of study. Otherwise how else will I land a job? Haha! Bad news? Petty drama. I'm sorry high school was so over 4 years ago. Drama, lies, scheming, and whatnot you are a thing of the past! Ugh, some people never grow up.

This week in photos, a compile of everything from this week. Plus I took major advantage of the warm weather we got this past few days. Now its back to cooling down, how typical!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gilt's Shopping Event at Juicy

So today Gilt invited all city gals to Juicy Couture on Grant to enjoy drinks, light bites, and music while shopping the night away. I think the event was an overall success. Mhm, all the cocktails looked yummy, too bad I couldn't have one. Its not like one, two, or even three sips will hurt! But the servers were beyond kind to save me some finger food because I was starving. I guess working 5-8pm for the event wasn't too bad. Mingled with some amazing ladies!

My favorite ladies of the evening :)! God, they make work sane, otherwise I'm just trapped between cotton candy pink walls, going insane!
I'm wearing a sweater from Guess, Dolman top from H&M, Mini bandage skirt from Forever 21, Shoes: Guess, and my bag from Chanel.

Oh and I got the cutest goodie bag, or I'm just a sucker for all things in a a cute package <3

Have a good weekend everyone!

Random but true

I think I'm secretly a fattie inside! No joke!!! I've been hitting the gym because my boyfriend wants a workout buddy. And it had to be me of all people jeesh. So I'm like why not? Boy, oh boy! I think I'm absolutely out of shape! I'm all huffy, puffy, and sweating more than an old man. Haha. I need to invest in running shoes. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been just running in chucks. Oh man, this is going to be interesting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Been a Busy little bee!

It's been one crazy week! I've officially survived one week of summer school! Don't get me wrong, I actually like taking classes during the summer, but I feel like I don't really get to enough summer.Well after summer classes are over I'll still be able to enjoy 2 months worth, before the fall semester starts again!
And I enjoyed a lovely night out with my favorite girlies! Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Outfit of the day

Haha, the weathers getting ugly, but its still nice enough where I don't need a coat. I hope I don't catch a cold, eek, that would be awful!
I realize I can never make a serious face when taking a face shot. Haha, I would be an awful model. Haha, why smile and look into the camera, when faces are more creative?
Cardigan: Zara
Beaded Tank: Forever 21
Leggings: Express
Knee high boots: Juicy Couture

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random thoughts

Does anyone believe in psychics? I recently had a reading and most of the things she told me I sorta of knew about my self. But then there are things she said that was unexpected. Overall, the experience was positive since it was my first reading. I did not know what to expect, or think, let alone ask any questions. But I feel like they're just predictions. I mean only you can determine your fate, you create the path you want. Your path isn't created by the words someone says. What do you guys thing? Have you guys ever had a reading?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A much needed escape

The past few days has been hectic, I feel like I'm going on a roller coaster ride, and I feel like it's a never ending downhill fall. I wish it'd go away. Sometimes you need to escape the city life even if its just for a little bit. So me and a girlfriend headed down to Santa Cruz to see the mystery spot. Haha. Boy, did we pick the wrong day! The weather has been so bi-polar its scandalous! It's rainy, it's sunny, and its going back and forth, it's going to drive me insane!

The mystery spot was super touristy, totally recommended. Maybe, not for those in the physics or engineering field. But it's so funny, the tour guide was like i guarantee you guys you will be huffing and puffing after walking this steep hill. So everyone gets to the top, and he looks at me and my friend and goes "why do you guys look so casual?" I say "We're from San Francisco, the city of hills, this is nothing." Haha. 

After an interesting 45 minute tour, we were off beach hopping around Santa Cruz, and the weather was a little ugly at times, but I think the perfect walk, the beach, and my comforting friends advice made my problems seem like a million years away.

I am wearing a Sweater from Guess, Tank from Marciano, Skinny Jeans from Forever 21, Sneakers from Converse, Shades from Juicy Couture, Cashmere Scarf from Marc Jacobs, and Bag from Mulberry for target! Oh and my umbrella's from the Coach Outlet.