Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday: Random Rants

It was an ah-mazing gorgeous day in the city! My morning class had been cancelled prof had the case of food poisoning. And I'm not complaining, I dreaded going to my afternoon class (a complete waste, just need it for unit fillers) so I dragged my little booty to the bestie's house instead. There we pigged out on pineapple chunks, and chocolate covered strawberries while we watched the voice on rerun. Note: Adam Levine is drop dead GORGEOUS, but he seems so damn picky on the show, crazy right?

Yay, TGIF tomorrow, I'm excited :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday: Marc Jacobs Single

I'm officially on a shopping ban! I've been shopping like a mad woman left and right. It's either purses or shoes. Gah, I'm beginning to spend more than I make. Thankfully I purchased this Jan 31 so my February expense budget isn't so bad (in my defense I was lured in!!)

Meet my Marc Jacobs Single quilted bag in fuschia! She's so dreamy :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday: Red Soles

Like I said I've been craving shoes like there's no tomorrow. These were an eBay purchase. The seller was nothing much nice, helpful, and answered all sorts of random questions I had. Surprisingly these were only worn once, no scuffs, scratches nor anything! They're practically new! Delic Black Patent in 35.5. Ok at first I thought my right foot was fat, because I could not, absolutely could not get it in the shoe!! The horror! luckily after a few sock methods and notoriously walking around they fit :)