Friday, July 15, 2011

Up close and Personal: Who am I?

10 Random Facts about me

1. I'm a city girl. You throw me in the suburbs or in the wild I wouldn't have a clue what I would do
2. I've traveled to most of the west coast states, I've never been to the east coast yet. There's always time.
3. I have the worst memory known to man kind. Yet I remember really small details. Ironic really.
4. I like watching oldies on TV land such as I love Lucy, I dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched
5. I've never had a pet growing up. Sometimes I think I'm missing out :(
6. I can't use chopsticks. I get bizarre looks when I ask for a fork when I'm sitting with a group of people who can use chopsticks.
7. I "learned" how to swim in over a course of 3 days during a spa retreat in Callistoga. I'm 21 and I still cannot swim if my life depended on it. Oh, and forgot about floaties, I used one and almost sank!
8. I'm pretty optimistic on life. Even though the closest to me are pesstimistic.
9. I go through color phases. I'll be obsessed with a certain color and I need to have it, want it, or wear it.
10. If I couldn't have my dream job I would settle for a job giving back to the community. Such as helping the homeless or senior citizens. No one should be neglected. Everyone is someone. Money shouldn't matter in the job you get (although I would pay for my expensive taste! LOL!) it should be something you truly want to to that makes you happy!


  1. Thank you very much for your comment ! :) <3

    Great blog, I'm following you ! :D

  2. Aww :( You should learn how to swim! I think that would be a huge accomplishment. My boyfriend couldn't swim and I (being the ex-lifeguard I was) decided he needed to learn. Now he swims every time he goes to the gym :P Practice makes perfect. And get a swim buddy to. That'll help a lot!

    Castle Fashion

  3. I can't swim either! It's on my to do list. So embarrassing though because I love the beach.


  4. thanks for your comment! and you look great ;)
    what would you think if we followed each others..? let me know ;)
    xx Luna

  5. I think I learned to swim in my dreams!! No kidding lol.. I don't think I can survive long but at least I can "kinda" swim n float lol!! N I love ur #10 so inspiring.. N I have the worst memory too!! Nowadays I actually need to write everything down..shoot!!


  6. lovely post, learned alot. lol lovely blog

  7. Our #2 is opposite.
    I have been in most parts of the east coast but
    I have never been to the west coast.

    Btw, i like these pictures.
    Your are so cute!

  8. Nice post honey.

    Thanks for your comment.