Friday, September 9, 2011

Story of my life

 I'm going onto the third week of school and I'm already procrastinating big time. Every week is the same, I have a billion pages of reading, my poor shrinking brain :( on the bright side I still have a head full of jet black hair, haha no white hair due to stress ( knock on wood!)

 I am a sucker for all things cute & shiny, this was gift to me and its aboslutely adorable. Where should I put it? It's just been sitting in a box chillin!

Lastly, my birthday is about a month away. And my best friend is super creative! I'm getting a birthday card every month til the actually day of my birthday. This one is the August birthday card. I'll be getting another one in about 11 days! I'm excited, and they're all shopping themes! Haha!

I've been juggling a lot of my plate, but you know what? With all the bad things that happen to you, something positive always comes out of it.

Happy Weekend Guys!


  1. Your best friend is so cool! :) xx

  2. aww
    your best friend is so sweet
    and good thing you stay so positive, dear
    keep it up!


  3. Such cute stuff and a great message you gave us!


  4. What a cute idea, getting birthday cards every month! The August one is amazing, too- I love all of the cutouts!