Thursday, September 1, 2011

I couldn't resist

 I was watching UP, by far one the cutest movies I have seen! And when I had logged onto Facebook this was the first thing I saw on the newsfeed. Seriously, this is adorable.

I was browsing on southern living magazine, and THIS would be my dream house! Except it's all the way in Texas! BOO. Seriously, how amazing would that be to wake up every morning surrounded by nature? In California we have earthquakes, what does Texas have? Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes?

Haha, that wouldn't stop me from buying a house, and re do everything to my liking. Sometimes, I wonder where I would end up if I had majored in interior design.

I suddenly have an itch to do DIY projects. I don't have the time physically because I'm swamped with school work, but seriously it would be so fun.

The weather is amaaaaazing in SF I love it. Maybe I'll head outside the city for a beach day. Since classes were cancelled today.

Happy Thursday!


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  3. i love that movie! so cute

    love from San Francisco,


  4. omg I loveeeee that movie!!! I teared up in the begining and i was in the theater man i felt soo embarrassed!! lol

    I love DIY tooo it's soo much fun and it usually saves u a lotttt of moneyyy s2!