Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Blue Box

Nothing excites me more than something girly, shiny, and cute! My boyfriend showed up at my door after a quick power nap before I headed to night class with a few surprises. He's not the romantic type of guy but he makes small gestures which is sweet. And when I saw a little blue box my heart skipped a beat. Haha, what I didn't know was how clever he could be! That sneaky little guy! When I had opened the package the blue felt bag felt chunky, so I was assuming it was a cocktail ring. And no, to my surprise it was a little bear figurine holding a pink heart from Swarovski! I was dumbfounded for a bit, I was like "um does Tiffany's make figurines now??" He starts laughing and pulls out a Swarovski bag and tells me to open it. Haha, I open it greedily like a kid at a candy shop, and inside another blue box is this stunning beauty.

From the Tiffany's sparklers collection, the color is absolutely beautiful. Haha, I love midweek surprises!

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  1. awwww your boyfriend is so sweet! such a beautiful necklace!