Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A much needed escape

The past few days has been hectic, I feel like I'm going on a roller coaster ride, and I feel like it's a never ending downhill fall. I wish it'd go away. Sometimes you need to escape the city life even if its just for a little bit. So me and a girlfriend headed down to Santa Cruz to see the mystery spot. Haha. Boy, did we pick the wrong day! The weather has been so bi-polar its scandalous! It's rainy, it's sunny, and its going back and forth, it's going to drive me insane!

The mystery spot was super touristy, totally recommended. Maybe, not for those in the physics or engineering field. But it's so funny, the tour guide was like i guarantee you guys you will be huffing and puffing after walking this steep hill. So everyone gets to the top, and he looks at me and my friend and goes "why do you guys look so casual?" I say "We're from San Francisco, the city of hills, this is nothing." Haha. 

After an interesting 45 minute tour, we were off beach hopping around Santa Cruz, and the weather was a little ugly at times, but I think the perfect walk, the beach, and my comforting friends advice made my problems seem like a million years away.

I am wearing a Sweater from Guess, Tank from Marciano, Skinny Jeans from Forever 21, Sneakers from Converse, Shades from Juicy Couture, Cashmere Scarf from Marc Jacobs, and Bag from Mulberry for target! Oh and my umbrella's from the Coach Outlet.


  1. Nice pics!!

  2. Beautiful photos, looks like a great place to escape!

  3. I completely agree - you need to get away from life's chaos and what a perfect way to do it - escape to the beach!

    Hope things get better soon!


    p.s. Thank you for the sweet comment!

  4. It looks sooooo nice and relaxing - I could really use a long walk on the beach! Lovely pics :)


  5. Wow these pictures are awesome. LOve them all.

    Thanks for your visit and comment.
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  6. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog from California, dear Jeanie <3
    I love the last pic, so beautiful place :) kisses SHIKI.