Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random but true

I think I'm secretly a fattie inside! No joke!!! I've been hitting the gym because my boyfriend wants a workout buddy. And it had to be me of all people jeesh. So I'm like why not? Boy, oh boy! I think I'm absolutely out of shape! I'm all huffy, puffy, and sweating more than an old man. Haha. I need to invest in running shoes. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been just running in chucks. Oh man, this is going to be interesting.


  1. The only advice I can give is don't cheap out on running shoes - your back, knees and ankles will thank you in 10 years! No need to spend 300$, but those 40$ ones at Walmart that are on sale? I'd give them a pass.


  2. hey sweety what lovely blog you have :) you look great in this outfit ;)
    Going to follow you =D

    HUGS from germany ;)