Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bubblegum Pink & Canary Yellow

My nails have been bare for the longest time, and I did not know what color to paint them neither! I wanted something fun, bright, and cheery. The result

I don't bother buying full size nail polish anymore, because I never really use the same color twice, unless i LOVE the color. The mini ones are perfect, plus I don't feel like I'm wasting my money if I never use it again. I pick up most of my mini OPI nail polishes at Sephora.

I've been using OPI top coat, but I haven't been like the consistency of it. Or maybe its just the bottle I have?Do you ladies have any good recommendation for a top coat?


  1. Your nails look gorgeous! I love the combination of pink and yellow, and the rhinestones are lovely. I'm exactly the same about finishing the bottles- the mini size is perfect for me, I never finish anything larger unless I absolutely love the colour. I don't normally use a top coat, but I've heard good things about the ones that Orly makes :)

  2. Both colors are pretty!
    I use revlon top coat :)

    following you now :)


  3. great colors!!!

  4. Gorgeous nail polish! Will hunt for the same shade. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following you. xx

  5. beautiful nails!Love the colors!xoxo